Fall 2016 Lookbook

Ah fall… here in the south a time when the weather really doesn’t change too much until later on and it still only gets to 70, unless there’s a cold front. I picked my outfits with that in mind since that’s what I deal with. So here we go with outfit details.

Outfit #1- 

  • Short overalls; Target last year. A great idea for the warmer fall days but still able to be worn at night.
  • Light sweater; Charlotte Russe two years ago. Once again the perfect thing that works during the day and night of fall in the south or any other warm climate.
  • Tank; Rue21.
  • Combat boots; Target many, many years ago. Combat boots are so uber comfortable but still really fashionable. Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion?

Outfit #2- 

  • Jeans; Aeropostale. A good basic pair of jeans is the base to any great fall outfit, even if you’re like me and hate jeans.
  • Shirt; Rue21. A tank can be worn during the day and be comfy on a nice autumn day, while not being too heavy like some fall clothing can be.
  • Jacket; Marshall’s. An army style jacket is great for fall. The green is such a great color and can be worn with almost any color without an issue. You can throw it on as a nice day transitions into a cooler night, and still be comfortable.
  • Shoes; Target years ago. Nude flats are a stable in my closet. One because I’m tall. Two because I just had knee surgery four months ago. But three, because it’s just something that will go with every outfit, every season, all the time. I personally believe they don’t go out of style and are forever something you’ll be thankful you have.

Outfit #3-

  • Plaid shirt; Old Navy. A plaid shirt is another great stable for the fall season, and a boyfriend style is something so comfy you’ll probably wanna sleep in it. I love wearing my shirts like this though with a skirt to add a girly touch to the casual shirt.
  • Tutu skirt; Rue21. If Carrie Bradshaw can wear a tutu as an adult then so can anybody as long as you style it correctly. Find a top like the plaid one that balances it out, while still making the look appropriate for an event like a wedding or church.
  • Booties; Aeropostale two years ago. Booties are something I love wearing. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, or whatever. Plus for me if I’m wearing a shorter skirt I love wearing them with knee socks as something quirky and different.

I hope you got some fall outfit inspiration from these looks. These outfits are honestly some of my favorite that I’ve worn recently and I hope you like them just as much I do.


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