Wait, What Do I Need to Take to Prom?

IMG_0952 copy
Prom, it’s something we either look forward to going to or dread. Some may have great memories, some may have horrible memories, but no matter what you typically remember your prom night. Now though even if prom night is great, getting to that night can be stressful; you need the dress, the shoes, the date, the hair, the makeup, and soon enough you may have forgotten other things you’ll possibly need for that night to remember (High School Musical 3 reference, anybody?). After going to two proms, I’m here to help you remember specifically what you may need for the night of in your handbag… at least beyond the obvious phone and possible charger. So here we go, my list of things you might forget to bring, that you might need for prom night.

  1. Jewelry, at least if you’re anything like me this is something you purposely forget BUT, it is what completes your outfit so you may not want to forget it. Plus it’s always a good idea to bring a spare in your bag if you have a malfunction with what you’re already wearing. 
  2. Makeup, no matter how much setting spray you use there’s always that chance you need a touchup. Make sure to bring your concealer, powder, mascara, and lipstick/gloss they’re mostly likely what you may need to make adjustments to during the night.
  3. Hair products, from bobby pins to a comb to hairspray you never know what you may need on that bathroom trip during the night. I highly suggest packing at least five bobby pins though especially if you’re wearing an undo and have thick hair like me, it’ll save your life… trust me.
  4. Nail file and possibly clippers, it doesn’t matter if you got acrylics or your natural nails, there’s always a chance your nail could get broken or uneven and you don’t want that to put you in risk of being able to get caught on your dress.
  5. Pads and tampons, pack at least one of each. You never know when a friend or yourself might need it. I myself was on my period both years at prom and so being caught without something would have been a nightmare, especially since I had a white skirt my senior year!
  6. Deodorant, hand sanitizer, lotion, disposable toothbrushes, and gum. To be totally honest, these are just things you need in your bag no matter the event because ultimately you never know when you may need any of them. Just bring them and be safe rather than sorry.
  7. And finally, pain killers and bandaids. Now the bandaids are in case you forgot to break in your shoes and get blisters, but the pain killers… well they’re in case you not only forgot to break in your shoes but are in heels and don’t wanna take them off, too much dancing makes you hurt, or you just get a headache from the loud music. Really though, pain killers saved me at prom both years and so I suggest taking some with you.

Now of course this is just what I personally suggest taking, and I highly do recommend it, both years I went to prom I was the only person who thought to bring a handbag and ended up helping more than just myself because it’s something a lot of people don’t think about. Did I forget anything you need to bring? Do you have any suggestions for people? Leave me a comment or tweet me them! Until next time, have a safe prom and don’t worry if it isn’t exactly what you expect it to be like, no matter what you’ll never regret going.


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