DIY Floral Mobile



So let’s make a floral mobile… chandelier? Whatever you wanna call it, here we go! I got the idea for this while we were getting ready to decorate for my cousin’s first birthday and I was browsing on Pinterest and saw a few things similar, but of course I decided to go in my direction with it. If I remember correctly I used a 10” and 6” inch ring for this project along with obviously flowers, the flowers were definitely the most expensive thing, so if you’re going to make this check for sales. Here are the links for all the products:

Now to get started I taped down the ring after measuring the perfect distance between the rings. I originally was going to use fishing line to connect the rings but because of fishing line being so thin and slippery, it didn’t work out so I ended up using twine which worked way better. Fishing line is typically ideal when you want to make objects appear like they’re floating and when decorating for parties it’s typically what I use but sadly it just didn’t work out so I had to go a different direction, which happens all the time in DIYs, you have to change your original plan. In case you’re wanting to use my exact measurements I used about 6 or 8 inches of twine and tied them off, hot glued them down, and also in some places taped them down. The downside to using a metal ring is how slippery they are so if you don’t mind using something thicker, I’d suggest an embroidery hoop, I’ll explain another reason why that may be ideal in a second.

Time to clip the flowers, now I do suggest doing this beforehand just so the project doesn’t take even more time, but honestly clip them all at once so you’re not doing it after putting each individual one on the ring. Here’s where I may suggest using an embroidery hoop again, because of the metal on the ring when I simply glued on it the flower moved around and popped loose on me, with an embroidery hoop since they’re wooden I don’t believe that would happen but I did find a solution. Using floral wire, I cut a piece about 5 inches long and twisted it together till a loop formed at the top, then I put the loop around the stem of the flower and hot glued it down. If you don’t secure it with the hot glue it’s very likely to have the wire slip off the flower since it’s hanging and not being used like a typical flower arrangement which would be secured into foam and not dangling in midair. I hate I didn’t get a closeup of doing this, but if you have any farther questions on that I can personally tweet you something if need be. But after gluing all the floral wire to the flowers I twisted the wire around the ring and even glued it onto that, because once again the metal was slippery and it didn’t want to stay directly in place. Even after doing so though, I still had to adjust the flowers when I finally did hang everything. But I repeated this process with the flowers, leaves I added, and the lavender I hung until the whole ring was covered then I repeated again with the smaller ring. To actually hang the whole thing, I did end up using fishing line and tied four different strings to different areas of the ring and then tied them all together so they could hang on a hook from the ceiling. Once you’ve done that, you’re done! I hope you enjoy watching the process and that this step by step may have explained things better, but I also hope that maybe you’re inspired to make this yourself. Tweet or Instagram me pictures if you do end up making it, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to both here and my Youtube. I’m hoping to finally start posting more content so I will see y’all soon!


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